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The Company

Red3 Group, Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area based architectural consulting firm. Ours is a different type of architectural practice; lean and nimble, yet with an expansive vision of how architects can more fully provide service to clients. Through creative design leadership, assertive management decision making and broad consensus building, we create alignment with client values and goals while efficiently reaching desired outcomes.

We start with an in-depth understanding of your project requirements; from that we develop a strategic framework to deliver an appropriate design and a successful project, then we drive implementation and execution. We partner with developers, corporate and institutional clients assisting them in the completion of challenging design projects of any size.

Red3 Group provides a comprehensive list of services that are scalable to meet your specific project needs. We measure success using our client’s metrics whether financial return, operational efficiency, enduring value or reduced carbon footprint. This commitment to shaping a unique project approach for each of our client’s projects is reflected in our broad design portfolio and in the relationships we have established with our clients. We invite you to take a look.


The Partners

Having jointly designed and managed significant projects along the West Coast for more than 15 years, Red3 Group's founding principals Bill Long and Jeff Stahl have forged a unique, complementary and effective problem-solving partnership out of two unmistakably different working styles. The result is a balanced approach to project design and management blending Jeff's bold design perspective with Bill's informed, businesslike approach to project organization, leadership and execution.

Our teaming approach is based on effective communication, mutual respect, high expectations, and a strong commitment to quality, consistency and accountability. Our diverse portfolio of industry experience speaks to the success of this comprehensive approach, merging creative design and business savvy.

We provide a unique perspective.